Welcome to The Fraternal Order of Eagles - Philippines Eagles

  • The Eagle Has Landed in Malacanang, His Excellency Eagle Rodrigo Roa Duterte
  • President Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Allan Cayetano, King Eagle Louie Ceniza
  • National President's Turn-Over Ceremony EY 2016
  • United We Stand, Strong Brotherhood. Mabuhay ang Agila!
  • National President's Speech During His Turn-Over Ceremony, Jan. 2016
  • Kuya NP Louie Ceniza's Media Interview During National Congress 2015


The Fraternal Order of Eagles Philippine Eagles is the first born fraternal socio-civic organization in our country. It is a movement, an idea kindled by the founders- to nurture with the fire of brotherhood. Spearheaded by zealous organizers from the members of the society clamoring for a change in vision and concept to widen its horizons, to forever forge an amalgam of the rare breed of fellows amidst an apochrypal panorama. Common yet unique, simple but a stand out, proud but not meek, singular but not alone, selected yet not confined and daring yet grandiose and sure.

We are most aware of many organizations in our milieu that have come and gone, many of slam-bang caput, as they say, starting with a boom and ending in a whisper. The Philippine Eagles shall have realized those portents and early signs of doom by a careful analysis of its steps and actions. As to that, there can be no debate.

Message from the National President

"My priority was never to be a president but to serve the community. I still believe that to serve the community or to be a leader you don’t have to be a President, take the leadership of your role, do your best from where you are right now. Even if you are just a member, be a leader among others. Lead your club from your position. Title doesn’t necessarily make someone a leader but your action and service makes you a leader. "
- Eagle Louie F. Ceniza, National President E.Y. 2016

Eagle Aspirants 2016

  • Keisha Mckamey  
  • Lynda Boatman  
  • Jazmine Capoccia  
  • Many Niemann  
  • Barrie Fears  
  • Shellie Shumake  
  • Albertha Dipaola  
  • Sabina Eland  
  • Lennie Sears  
  • Cinda Coghlan  
  • Beryl Pettus